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Nathane L Jackson

Strength & Conditioning coach and Nutritionist

Nathane is a veteran health and wellness authority with nearly two decades of experience as a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach and nutritionist. He help's people improve their health from a cellular level through a combination of holistic nutrition, movement-focused exercise, restorative practices, and mindfulness. <br> <br> A former physique competitor, and professional fitness model, he has appeared on covers and in editorial features of leading fitness and health publications. Nate has shared his knowledge as a writer and featured expert for numerous television and radio shows, as well as online publications, such as AskMen and PopSugar. <br> <br> Rumour has it he's also appeared on roughly 70 Harlequin Romance novel covers.
I Hate

I Hate "The Biggest Loser" And You Should Too

I cannot overstate my hatred of <em>The Biggest Loser</em> enough. My reasons are simple: The show is built around extremism; many featured trainers are downright abusive; and the long term impact of the show subjects participants and viewers to physical and mental damage that can permanently hinder their efforts to lose weight and live a healthier life. In every single way, it presents a broken and incorrect vision of weight loss.
06/28/2016 12:24 EDT
Finding A Personal Trainer Fit For

Finding A Personal Trainer Fit For You!

There are incredible benefits to in-person training, which allows real time communication and ability to make adjustments on the fly. Still, it has its drawbacks. The best of the best may be outside of your budget. You will fight for prime appointment times. Missed sessions and cancellation fees cost money, momentum and progress. The trainer you want to work with may live in a different city or country than you.
06/09/2016 03:55 EDT