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Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

Liberal Member of Parliament, Beaches-East York

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith is the Liberal Member of Parliament for Beaches-East York, and a lawyer in Ontario.
My Animal Cruelty Bill Was Defeated -- Here's What's milicad via Getty Images

My Animal Cruelty Bill Was Defeated -- Here's What's Next

When I introduced Bill C-246, I said it would help to bring our animal protection laws into the 21st century, but it was really a basket of modest measures to improve our laws. While Bill C-246 was defeated, citizens across our country spoke loudly in support of improving our animal protection laws. And here is the silver lining: an issue that was not on our government's agenda is now there, thanks to the incredible outreach efforts of compassionate Canadians of all political stripes.
10/13/2016 09:54 EDT