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National Partners in Canada's HIV Response

Canadian HIV/AIDS coalition working to ensure government and private sector actions are informed by the needs of the HIV community.

The National Partners in Canada’s HIV Response is a coalition of 10 Canadian HIV/AIDS stakeholder groups representing national service organizations, front-line agencies, knowledge-providers, researchers and people who are living with and vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. Working respectfully with those most affected, we strive to ensure that government decisions and private sector actions are informed by an evidence-based knowledge of the needs of the community.
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Canadian Leaders Must Work to Eradicate HIV and Hepatitis C

So, what can we do? We have seen tremendous success in other countries: setting clear goals and targets has been key to slowing the HIV epidemic and beginning to envision how we might end this ongoing public health crisis. The goals set by the global community are attainable -- science is on our side. What's needed is good policies and programs, taken to scale.
10/05/2015 12:32 EDT