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Neha Chandrachud

Writer, feminist, compulsive tweeter, intrepid storyteller.

Neha Chandrachud is a freelance writer and content strategist based out of Montreal, QC. She is currently a content curator for N/A ( and a writer with VICE Canada. Her greatest fear is being called a millennial.
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We Should be Critical, But Not Dismissive of Emma Watson's UN Campaign

It's important to note that despite my appreciation for Watson's UN campaign, I believe much of the criticism she's faced has been warranted. Liberal white feminism tends to cling to these seemingly iconic moments in which feminism briefly becomes more palatable, more easily sold to the masses. Men shouldn't care about feminism because it may improve things for them. They should care about feminism because it will improve things for women.
09/25/2014 05:23 EDT
Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

The Unlikely Feminism of Mindy Kaling

It's exciting to be living in an era of television where we see more and more clever women gracing our TV screens -- especially ones who look and act like us. But at the same time, there seems to be a growing attack on femininity in the name of progress. And that's why Mindy Kaling's brand of feminism is becoming increasingly important.
05/15/2014 03:50 EDT