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Neil Martin

Cofounder, Project: SPACES

Neil is a three-time startup founder with a degree in Media Studies from Queen's University and a life-long passion for entrepreneurship. As a Cofounder of Project: SPACES, he spends most of his time in downtown Toronto building community and helping startup founders be happier and more productive. A creative perfectionist and avid musician, Neil's personal philosophy is that anything worth doing is worth doing well.
5 Reasons to Close The Door on Private

5 Reasons to Close The Door on Private Offices

Coworking spaces are emerging as the new work environment of choice. Today, shared spaces around the world are bringing increased levels of happiness, productivity and collaboration to their members, and at a price far more affordable than the alternative. So here they are, five reasons to close the door on private offices.
03/12/2014 01:09 EDT