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Nema McGlynn

An in-store, Registered Dietitian at Loblaws

Néma McGlynn is a Registered Dietitian who received her bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. She then completed her dietetic internship at the London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario. Her passion for helping people live healthier lives naturally led her into the field of nutrition. Néma has worked in several areas of nutrition including food service management, home care and private practice consulting. She has been featured in media outlets such as Global’s The Morning Show, Huffington Post, PROUD FM and Viva Magazine. Néma believes that food should be fun and by creating a healthy relationship with food one can free oneself from living with rigid diet rules and constant dieting. What Néma loves most about being an in-store dietitian at Loblaws is the ability to introduce customers to the endless range of delicious food combinations, that will help them meet their health goals, in the very place they make decisions about what to eat.
5 Tips For A Healthy Summer

5 Tips For A Healthy Summer BBQ

No matter if you're grilling up a perfect meal for a carnivore or vegan, or just looking for new summer flavours, here are five tips to deliver tasty, non-traditional summer eats while keeping food fresh when eating outdoors.
06/05/2017 01:45 EDT
How To Get The Kids Involved In Mother's Day Meal

How To Get The Kids Involved In Mother's Day Meal Prep

Involving children in meal preparation provides a wonderful opportunity for them to discover new foods and teaches them to become more self-reliant in the kitchen. Getting kids in the kitchen can also help with many important life skills, like reading (the recipes), enhancing math skills through measuring out ingredients or increasing/decreasing the number of servings in a recipe, and even basic science by learning about how ingredients like salt, baking powder and flour work together.
04/26/2017 12:29 EDT
4 Foods For Better Heart Health This

4 Foods For Better Heart Health This Spring

Spring has sprung. Not only can you feel it in the air, but also as the days get longer and the sun shines brighter. And with the arrival of spring, it's a great time to do some spring cleaning, not just in our houses, but also our diets. If you indulged a little too much over the winter on rich comfort foods, use this time to switch to something a bit lighter and heart-healthy.
04/11/2017 01:52 EDT
5 Tips For Keeping Nutrition On-Track This March

5 Tips For Keeping Nutrition On-Track This March Break

Eating should be a joyful experience that ignites our taste buds and gives us pleasure -- the exact feelings we desire from a vacation. While it may not seem easy, a little pre-planning and a shifted mindset can result in a vacation that is food fight-free, active and most importantly, fun!
03/07/2017 02:22 EST
4 Tips To Eat Well And Feel

4 Tips To Eat Well And Feel Great

Even though these so-called "aphrodisiacs" fall short on proof of sexual pleasure, they do contain nutrients that can help your body function better. And when your body is functioning well, chances are you'll be feeling a whole lot sexier!
03/01/2017 07:33 EST
Pre-Planned Meals: They're What's For

Pre-Planned Meals: They're What's For Dinner

I get it -- meal planning can seem difficult. Doing a single shop to last you a week may seem like a risky prospect for families, especially if you have hungry kids raiding the fridge every day after school. But while it takes time to make a list and plan out your meals, it usually takes longer to do a freestyle shop and you may end up with some strange food combinations.
02/09/2017 07:06 EST
5 Ways To Curb Salt Intake Over The

5 Ways To Curb Salt Intake Over The Holidays

With all the parties and family gatherings, it's easy to lose track of how much we're consuming, including the amount of sodium we ingest. While sodium is an essential nutrient required for nerve and muscle function and maintaining fluid balance in the body, too much can lead to issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.
12/21/2016 05:02 EST
Get All The Protein Your Body Needs -- From

Get All The Protein Your Body Needs -- From Plants

Did you know eating the right plants can give your body the protein it needs? Move over meat, we're adding a different protein source to our family's dinner plates. No, you don't have to give up meat entirely or become vegetarian or vegan, but why not consider adding "Meatless Mondays" to your family meal planning? It's a great opportunity to introduce new foods.
08/05/2016 12:15 EDT
Navigating Healthy Eating For The Whole

Navigating Healthy Eating For The Whole Family

With the arrival of summer, many Canadians are embracing fresh, seasonal, local foods, but for families with picky eaters, it can be difficult to break away from routine shops. I've talked to a lot of families who find themselves stuck in these doldrums and are craving a change, but struggle to introduce new foods into their repertoire.
06/29/2016 05:41 EDT