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Nichola Petts

Writer and Consultant

Nichola Petts is a Toronto-based freelance writer, social media and communications consultant who is just as passionate about building brands as she is about de-stigmatizing mental health issues. Over the past almost decade, she has worked with a number of leading companies to promote their products/services through media relations, branding, social media and employee relations. Nichola has experience in a variety of industries, from fashion, home entertainment, hospitality, financial services and food. She finds solace in reading, cooking, writing, and meditation. You can read her "Nosh with Nichola" column with <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, where she provides layman's recipe reviews. Always up for sharing a laugh, exchanging stories and useful information, you can follow her on Twitter at @NicholaP.
A Real-Life Example of Living Triumphantly With Bipolar

A Real-Life Example of Living Triumphantly With Bipolar Disorder

Leslie Bennett is an intelligent, open-minded and highly-accomplished businesswoman who has fought the good fight with bipolar I -- and is now thriving. At one point, because of Bennett's manic episode, she had convinced herself that the people coming to visit her were not her family, but clones of them.
05/23/2013 12:18 EDT