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Nick Bergamini

Research Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Nick Bergamini is Research Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Born and raised in Ottawa, Nick was prominent in Ontario student politics before joining the CTF. He won a campus-wide election to serve as Vice-President of the Carleton University Students’ Association against a two-term incumbent. Nick was also active in provincial party politics, acting as president of their campus wing.

He also has private-sector experience in government relations and still owns a successful contracting business that operates in Ottawa’s east-end. While in university, Nick worked for at an Ottawa newspaper covering City Hall and local sports.

Nick graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University in 2012. He played three years of junior hockey in the Ottawa area and continues to strap on the goalie pads as much as he can.

EI Is the Biggest Scam of Them All

Now you may be asking, "How is EI a scam? I pay into it, and if I lose my job, the government's got my back right?" The answer to that is no, not exactly. The government plays favourites with EI benefit payments, basing your eligibility entirely on where you live and what you do for a living.
11/22/2013 05:42 EST