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Nick Hosseinzadeh


It's Time To Stop Mocking Surrey, B.C.

Surrey, B.C. has in the past experienced an inordinate number of crimes, particularly related to carjacking and violent gang-related offences. It truly beats me why crime is at all funny, but nonetheless people have felt the need to joke about the ever growing city, making it the butt of most jokes in the Lower Mainland. But seriously, enough is enough.
02/12/2013 04:26 EST

Justin Trudeau Kinda Right, But He Overlooks B.C.'s Influence

The point Justin Trudeau, and largely the rest of Canada, has missed is the role British Columbia will play moving forward in Canada. If it's not obvious, it should be by now. With Vancouver MP Joyce Murray announcing her run for leader of the Liberal Party today, it's slowly setting the pace to which B.C. politicians will begin to take a more active role in shaping the country's policy.
11/26/2012 06:07 EST

Clark's Pipeline Stance Is Right Call

The criticism of B.C. Premier Christy Clark's strategy regarding negotiations over Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeline is unwarranted. Clark has been clear on what the province requires in order to move forward with construction of the pipeline in Northern B.C. while her Alberta counterpart has given her little to work with. Clark said herself, it's her job to fight for B.C. and our environment. She's absolutely right, and we should all be in her corner cheering her on.
10/06/2012 11:50 EDT

B.C. Free Enterprise Vote Split Unlikely

We've heard a lot about the potential splitting of the center-right or "free enterprise" vote in next May's B.C. election. How it would ultimately seal the fate of the B.C. Liberals and hand the election to the NDP. Think again.
09/24/2012 05:56 EDT