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Nicky Byres

Curious Citizen, Wife, Mom

Nicky Byres is a non-profit executive in B.C. who is passionate about early childhood education. She's mom to two great teens and a two-year-old chocolate Labrador, and spouse of a teacher and avid fly fisherman who also makes a wickedly good pear pie!

What little downtime she has is spent blogging, eating good food, jazzercising, shooting photos with her trusty iPhone and marvelling at life in this corner of the world with family and friends.
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My High School Kids, My Teacher Husband, And The Public School Crisis

My kids are lost in the shuffle because they are not at the very top or the very bottom. They could use more teacher face time but it isn't there. I have seen my kids' teachers standing on cold sidelines cheering them on at 4 p.m. on a Friday across the city because they volunteered to sponsor the team. I don't want my kids' teachers to be overworked, under-motivated and overwhelmed.
08/21/2014 04:30 EDT