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Nicole Abi-Najem

Master of Journalism student, Toronto-based writer and wannabe traveller.

Nicole Abi-Najem is an aspiring journalist with a passion for politics and culture.
Nicole Abi-Najem

My Wild And Beautiful Curls Bring Out The Courage In Me

There is this sort of metamorphosis that takes place after I just let the unhindered wildness in me be totally and utterly free. When my hair is curly, no one is any longer running their fingers through my hair from root to tip, telling me how it feels silky. Instead, I feel the weight and strength of the curls on me.
06/21/2016 12:55 EDT

What's Hiding Under the Calanques of Southern France

The calanques -- deriving from the Occitan and Corsican word for inlet -- is just that: a series of natural inlets spanning 20 km across from Marseille to Cassis across Southern France. These emerald fingers, as Marseille's tourism site refers to them, dip between cliffs and were formed 12 000 years ago after a gradual warming during the ice age caused sea levels to rise, consequently flooding the valleys.
09/14/2015 02:55 EDT

Differences Between Lebanon and Canada Aren't Just Skin Deep

We may be more alike than we are different, but when it comes to culture, differences are celebrated! Not only are Canada and Lebanon on opposite ends of the map, they're also on different ends of the cultural spectrum. Going back and forth between the countries, I've observed some interesting distinctions.
12/13/2013 04:11 EST
Flickr / tedmurphy

What to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Love may not cost a thing, but loving a dog does. If you can't afford to cover the short- and long-term expenses that come with owning a dog -- including neutering/spaying, medication and emergencies -- then spend time to build a savings account first.
11/23/2013 02:51 EST
Nicole Abi-Najem

Fall Camping Ain't All it's Cracked Up to Be

Though I'm not much of a camper, when asked by my friend to join him on what he claimed was a relaxing camp trip, I reluctantly agreed to spend two days and one night with three friends. Fall camping is out-of-this-world beautiful, but it's also really hard for someone who's not used to camping. Thus began my unique Fall camping experience at Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park!
11/13/2013 05:49 EST

Forget the Explosions, Lebanon's Heart Is Intact

Hearing of the deadly violence tearing through Lebanon is heartbreaking. Just two weeks ago I was there taking in the endless Mediterranean beauty by the beach and visiting relatives in the secluded m...
08/21/2013 04:53 EDT