Nicole Baute

Writing coach for small business owners and creatives

Nicole Baute is a writing coach and story strategist for small businesses and creatives. A writer, editor and teacher, she has a master's degree in journalism and was once a reporter at Canada's largest daily newspaper. As a writing coach, Nicole helps her clients become more confident writers and grow their businesses by creating original, authentic and helpful copy and content. She believes that being yourself—unabashedly—is the best way to stand out, online and in writing. Learn more about Nicole and access her free resources at
Why Women Are Always Hungry (And Not Just For

Why Women Are Always Hungry (And Not Just For Food)

We know young women bouncing back from eating disorders, trying to renegotiate their relationships with food and their bodies, and mothers trying to square their nurturing instincts with their identities outside the home. But we found that many women were talking around those complexities without actually talking about them.
10/25/2013 08:18 EDT