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Niels Veldhuis

President, Fraser Institute

Niels Veldhuis is the President of the Fraser Institute, Canada's leading public policy think tank. Since joining the Institute in 2002, Mr. Veldhuis has authored or co-authored four books and 34 comprehensive studies on a wide range of topics including, taxation, productivity, entrepreneurship, labour markets, and government performance. He has written over 125 articles, which have appeared in over 50 newspapers including, the National Post, Globe and Mail and Wall Street Journal. He appears regularly on radio and television programs across the country and has appeared before committees of both the House of Commons and the Senate as an expert witness. Mr. Veldhuis has a BA in Business Administration, with joint majors in business and economics, and a MA in Economics from Simon Fraser University.
CIBC Misses the Point About Ontario's

CIBC Misses the Point About Ontario's Economy

The analysis of one of Canada's leading banks incorrectly concludes Ontario can't be compared to California, should be compared to other provinces, isn't necessarily at fault for being the second most indebted province, and argues the federal government should consider bailing Ontario out. No wonder Ontario is in the state it's in.
04/17/2014 05:54 EDT
Today's Liberals Could Ruin

Today's Liberals Could Ruin Canada

The policy direction of the Liberal Party of Canada and its leader Justin Trudeau seem to indicate that the party is rejecting the successful pragmatism of the 1990s. Instead, the federal Liberals favour a more interventionist and activist government, much like that of the current Ontario Liberal government. If such policies are enacted, the results would be ruinous for Canada.
02/26/2014 05:28 EST
With Return Of The PST, Tax Reform Needed To Keep B.C.

With Return Of The PST, Tax Reform Needed To Keep B.C. Competitive

To encourage businesses to invest and expand their operations in B.C., the focus should be on making B.C. the most investment-friendly jurisdiction in Canada. To that end, the government should put forth a tax plan to reduce the crushing blow to B.C.'s competitiveness in light of the PST's rebirth.
10/18/2012 06:57 EDT