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Nik Nanos


Pollster Nik Nanos is a Woodrow Wilson Centre Public Policy Scholar in Washington, a Research Associate Professor at SUNY (Buffalo) and Chair of the Nanos Research Group of Companies. He is a recognized expert in market and public opinion research and reputation/issue management.

Will Bad Publicity From the Senate Controversy Be Harper's Undoing?

Back in June Canadians were more likely to say they would judge the Prime Minister based on his economic stewardship rather than his handling of the Senate expense controversy. Four months later, Canadian opinion has flipped. Fifty one per cent of Canadians said the Senate expense controversy was more important than his record in promoting an environment for job creation.
11/02/2013 01:09 EDT

How a Small Mid-Western State Could Change Canada's Future

Americans and Canadians should take note -- beyond the surface in Ohio lies an incubator and perhaps even a model for what a future energy self-sufficient North American economy might look like. This should cause Canada to worry about moving from leader to laggard economically.
02/13/2013 05:41 EST