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Niki Sharma

Lawyer, Politically Engaged Citizen

Niki Sharma is a lawyer who practices aboriginal law in Vancouver.

She was elected in Vancouver's local government on the Park Board. She served as the chair of the board and worked on creating a more inclusive and sustainable park system.

She now serves on the board of the Vancouver PuSH International Performing Arts Festival, Battered Women's Support Services and the Women's Advisory Committee to the City of Vancouver.

She is passionate about creating a greener and more compassionate world.
Sexual Assault, Lies And scarletsails via Getty Images

Sexual Assault, Lies And Videotapes

To the women who step forward and tell their truth -- your words are weapons shattering, one-by-one, the armour of toxic misogyny. Know that when you speak, you speak for our mothers and grandmothers that endured without voice, who suffered without recourse. You, as well, may not find justice, but every time you come forward you make the Jian Gomeshi, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby's of this world harder to exist. Even more, you send a message to the Billy Bushes of the world that our culture needs to change to make it safer for girls and women... Join or get out of our way and take notice that our bodies are not yours from which to mount your claim to status and power.
10/14/2016 04:21 EDT
Dear Syrian Refugees: Canada Is Not Immune To Bernard Weil via Getty Images

Dear Syrian Refugees: Canada Is Not Immune To Racism

I am sorry to say that no one can promise that you will not face discrimination again as you re-establish yourself in this country. But I know that there will be many of us that will stand with you when it happens. You will be among those fighting to ensure our handling of this humanitarian crisis does not seed future shame and add to the list of times that fear and intolerance guided our actions.
01/12/2016 11:41 EST
Justin Trudeau Sets A New Standard For White Male Getty Images

Justin Trudeau Sets A New Standard For White Male Privilege

As power and privilege concentrate at the highest offices in our country, little room is left for the unusual suspects. We need white privileged men to play an active role in changing the status quo. Prime Minister Trudeau has, to his credit, accomplished an elusive and noteworthy achievement by using his privilege to bridge the often insurmountable leap between merit and power. He made space for his colleagues who deserve to operate in that exclusive arena.
11/09/2015 01:28 EST
We Should Not Let Racialized Fear Define Our Political TanjalaGica via Getty Images

We Should Not Let Racialized Fear Define Our Political Future

Be aware that, in our midst, a group of Canadian citizens are being dehumanized. History has shown us over and over again that this leads to oppression, hatred, and violence. Move past your knee-jerk reaction of protectionism. Don't be fooled by rhetoric. Understand that to that Muslim woman wearing the niqab, not being able to choose what she wears is oppression, even if it makes you personally uncomfortable.
10/11/2015 11:48 EDT