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Nikki Bergen

Pilates teacher, creator of The Belle Method, pre & postnatal fitness expert, doula, food allergy guru, lover of green smoothies.

Nikki’s passion for women’s health has guided all of her endeavours. She’s the creator of The Belle Method ( a Fitness Philosophy for Women with three exercise divisions: The Belle Method for elite training, The Bump Method for pregnancy fitness and The Pink Method rehab program for women recovering from breast cancer. A former professional ballroom dancer, today Nikki is a Master Pilates instructor, Pre & Postnatal Expert, Labour Doula, Breast Cancer Rehab Specialist, Food Allergy Coach and Body Transformation Guru, Instructor Trainer and Speaker. She’s currently shooting her first exercise video series for pregnant and postpartum women, launching in September 2014.
Best Pregnancy Exercise: Trimester Specific

Best Pregnancy Exercise: Trimester Specific Training

We know that exercising during pregnancy is good for both mom and baby -- from boosting your energy and sleeping better, to reducing the risk of gestational diabetes and joint pain. Still, the current pregnancy exercise guidelines are vague at best. Here's the breakdown.
11/05/2014 08:40 EST