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Nikki Fotheringham is a freelance writer who specializes in green living, life in the city, food and travel. She is a regular contributor to several blogs including Eat.Drink.Travel Magazine and Jib Strategic and she is the editor of She lives in Toronto with her husband and a very bad dog.
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Why Dirty Kids Are Healthy Kids

As a parent, your job is to protect your kids from harm and stories of superbugs and flesh-eating viruses may have you liberally basting your children with hand sanitizer, and cleaning your home with chemicals that promise to send bacteria packing. Well, put down the bleach and put your feet up. As it turns out, dirt is actually good for our kids!
01/11/2017 08:09 EST
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Quick Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

For most of us, the joy of giving is overshadowed by commercialism, the anxiety of braving the mall and the sheer terror of our credit card bills come January. Let's start some new holiday traditions! Here's how to give generously without spending a cent which will help you to get back into that festive spirit.
12/21/2016 06:32 EST
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15 Green Bathroom Tips That Saved Me $1,000 A Year

I've managed to cut the costs in my bathroom by over $1000 a year (true story!). By switching out your cleaning products, personal products and cosmetics for DIY natural alternatives, you save money and expose your family to fewer chemicals. Add to that your energy-efficient and water-saving savvy and you get a greener, healthier home.
12/14/2016 05:20 EST
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How To Support Standing Rock Right Now

Disturbing reports from Standing Rock of protesters and horses being shot with rubber bullets, protesters being sprayed with mace and set upon by privately-owned guard dogs have trickled in on a daily basis. To date 141 arrests have been made, but that number continues to grow.
11/22/2016 07:39 EST
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Could Your Sex Life Be Greener?

Taking a long, hot shower solo is bad for the environment, but taking a short, hot shower with a friend is green living at its best. Taking a hot bath with a friend is equally good, especially if you're using organic soaps and hair care products which you can follow up with an organic oil massage.
11/18/2016 07:23 EST

How I Saved $724 A Year On Laundry Costs

I'm a green queen, but I've always been surprisingly complacent about the cost and environmental impact of my laundry. After learning how harmful the chemicals in detergents and softeners are, I examined my laundry habits and was pleased as punch to find that I could be much greener and save a bunch of money in the process.
10/04/2016 03:06 EDT
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9 Easy Ways To Beat The Blues

Whether it's the weather, trouble at work or a broken heart, if you are dragging yourself through the day like a little slug of sadness we've got nine ways to improve your mood that are free, easy and involve chocolate and hugs.
09/28/2016 02:50 EDT
Nikki Fotheringham

Labour Day Weekend Camping Trip Recipes

As you get your camping gear together and head out into the woods for one last hurrah, we've put together a little weekend campfire recipe collection for you. Just because you're off playing in the dirt, doesn't mean you have to resort to the sadness that is instant noodles.
08/18/2016 05:48 EDT
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3 Mind-Blowing Recipes For S'mores Day

August 10th is International S'mores Day people and while you never need an excuse to enjoy this most Canadian of campfire desserts, you almost have an obligation to enjoy this sticky treat tonight. While we page homage to the classic s'more, we've also prepared some delightful alternatives for those who like to walk on the wild side.
08/10/2016 03:14 EDT
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Natural Ways To Rid Your Home Of Flies

House flies and fruit flies (resisting the urge for a time flies pun here) are driving most of us mad this time of the year. Fly paper is pretty disgusting and you don't want pesticides in your home either. Luckily, you can make your own fly traps that use items you already have in your home or fly repellents to keep your home fly free.
08/02/2016 10:37 EDT
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How To Pickle Your Surplus Vegetables

Pickles make everything better. These little jars of happiness will keep for years and also make great gifts. Pickling could not be easier and will mean you get to preserve all your favourite veggies. Here's how to save money, reduce your environmental impact and become everyone's favourite pickle fairy.
07/20/2016 12:32 EDT

Bacon-Wrapped Onion Ring Campfire Recipe

Yup! That just happened! Ol, take a deep breath. Since we are so close to Friday, we thought we would give you another reason to look forward this weekend's campfire cookout. This is a side dish that Ron Swanson would approve of. And yes, these bacon-wrapped onion rings are every bit as delicious as they look!
06/16/2016 04:15 EDT
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Educated Consumers Want Companies To Go Green

As consumers get more savvy, they are increasingly demanding products that are organic, ethically sourced and produced in an environmentally responsible way. Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative effect chemicals have on their health and will buy organic iterations of their favourite products whenever they can.
05/27/2016 03:36 EDT
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4 Scientifically-Proven Ways To Be Happy

You may not think that science has ventured into just how we acquire the old "syrup of yahoo," but it has. You may also think that what makes people happy differs greatly from one person to the next, but we are surprisingly homogeneous in our tastes. If you're not making the most out of every day, here's some proven ways to motivate more mirth.
05/24/2016 02:03 EDT
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The Best Women's Retreats Near Toronto

Retreats are filling a real need for women who live a busy, stressful life. They provide a small reprieve from the clamour of life and an island of 'you' time that allows you to learn new life skills, detox, meet like-minded women (some of whom will be friends for life) and recharge your batteries. Think of it as a camping trip for your soul.
05/17/2016 03:40 EDT
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Tips For Growing Great Organic Tomatoes

I'm not talking about those scraggly little bushes that manage a few insipid fruits that the bugs get to first. I'm talking big booty tomatoes that are bursting with flavour and juice. Growing your own tomatoes can be really rewarding and, if you keep it organic, the taste will blow your mind!
05/09/2016 04:26 EDT