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Nikki Fotheringham


Nikki Fotheringham is a freelance writer who specializes in green living, life in the city, food and travel. She is a regular contributor to several blogs including Eat.Drink.Travel Magazine and Jib Strategic and she is the editor of She lives in Toronto with her husband and a very bad dog.
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How To Fillet And Clean A Fish

Yay you caught a fish! Well done Indiana Jones, now you can really impress your camp buddies by cleaning it and serving it for dinner. It's easy to fillet or clean a fish, just take your time and work carefully and you will master this great life skill in no time.
04/29/2016 04:02 EDT

How Do Photovoltaic Cells Actually Work?

Solar power is an abundant renewable source that could be the solution to our future energy needs, but just how does a solar array produce the electricity that powers our lives? A "photovoltaic" cell is the basic building block which converts sunlight to electric energy that we can utilize to power our homes and businesses.
04/19/2016 02:18 EDT

What's In Your Starbucks Matcha Latte?

There you are standing in the Starbucks line, stifling a guffaw as the chump in front of you orders a Frappuccino with whipped cream. Why so smug? Well, because you have cracked the secret to enjoying delicious Starbuck's beverages that are actually healthy. That's right, your matcha tea latte with soy milk is delicious and it's going to help you look amazing in that bathing suit too. But hold on a second -- what if your latte isn't the health tonic you assume it is?
04/14/2016 03:31 EDT
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Campfire Bread In A Can Recipe

The ability to make bread on your camping trip is an awesome super power that will provide fresh, warm, delicious bread no matter how long your trip is. You can bake this campfire bread in an empty can or use your camping pot. Baking bread is super easy and breaking bread with friends is the stuff warm and fuzzy memories are made of.
03/15/2016 02:00 EDT

How Matcha Tea Is Making The World A Better Place

Far from being a new food fad, matcha tea has been around for centuries. It has formed the cornerstone of Japanese tea ceremonies for over 900 years. It is being touted as a wonderfully nutritious brew with a ton of health benefits and the kind of calm focus that puts the jitters of a caffeine high to shame.
01/20/2016 04:32 EST

Instructions For A DIY Home Energy Audit

Electricity bills have been steadily rising with no respite in the foreseeable future. Increasingly, home owners are turning to efficient building envelopes to create homes that utilize less energy. While a professional home energy audit will be more accurate, you can do your own and get a general idea of which issues to tackle first.
12/29/2015 04:53 EST

Mowing the Lawn Is Bad For Your Health

These acres and acres of lawn are really harmful to the environment, to the eco-system and to your very own health. You see, the pollution from all those mowers is horrendous; for lawn an enthusiastic gardener mows, they produce the same pollution as driving a car between 160 and 320 kilometers (between 100 and 200 miles). .
07/11/2015 08:57 EDT

Small Towns Beat Big Cities

Here, I can still buy a house at an affordable price and my groceries don't require a second mortgage. I'm not sure if there is more to do here or if you just get to hear everything that's going on but there's nothing sleepy about small towns. And sure it takes you 45 minutes to buy a loaf of bread because you have to chat to everyone, and you get embroiled in the minutiae of the lives of others no matter how much you resist the dark side of alluring gossip, but at least you're getting in the game.
05/23/2015 08:20 EDT
David De Lossy via Getty Images

Campfire Bannock Recipe

Bannock has been a staple among the Aboriginal people of Canada for centuries where it was made from moss, lichen, ground plant bulbs, nut meal, corn meal and cattail pollen to name a few. Consequently, there are as many bannock recipes as the day is long.
04/02/2015 12:33 EDT
Ezra Bailey via Getty Images

Do You Know How These Foods Affect Your Mood?

Bananas contain dopamine and a wealth of B-vitamins which help to boost mood. They are especially rich in vitamin B6 which helps to calm the nervous system. Bananas are packed with magnesium which promotes a positive mood. Blueberries and black berries contain anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that help your brain to produce dopamine.
02/13/2015 01:00 EST
piotr_malczyk via Getty Images

These Surprising Veggies Will Boost Your Libido

The French may no longer practice the tradition of dining on asparagus three times a day before your wedding night to increase libido, but there is some scientific evidence to back up the idea of aphrodisiac asparagus. Asparagus contains calcium, vitamin E and potassium which cleanse the kidneys and urinary track while imbuing a burst of energy.
09/08/2014 12:15 EDT