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Nikki Gershbain

Toronto-based lawyer and National Director of Pro Bono Students Canada

A Toronto-based lawyer, Nikki Gershbain is National Director of Pro Bono Students Canada, a law school program that provides legal services without charge to low-income individuals and non-profit organizations across Canada. She has been writing about and advocating for social justice for 25 years.
Access to Justice: A Social Justice

Access to Justice: A Social Justice Issue

According to a recent study, fully one-third of Canadians will experience a legal problem within any given three-year period. This includes divorcing parents needing child support, small business owners trying to make a living, homeowners facing unscrupulous contractors, hard-working Canadians in conflict with their employers.
02/22/2016 06:32 EST
I've Been Out and Proud for 25

I've Been Out and Proud for 25 Years

As I find myself on the eve of World Pride weekend, making plans to march in the parade with my partner, my son and step-daughter, and their dads, I cannot help but reflect on the fact that it has been almost a quarter of a century since I came out. Our children are in Grades one and three. They love all of their moms, and my parents are thrilled to be grandparents -- to not one but, now, two kids. I continue to be an advocate, although today it takes different forms. Today, my girlfriend and I dream about getting married in the backyard of our home. I will get married because now I want to. And now I can.
06/28/2014 09:21 EDT