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Nikolas Badminton

World-renowned Futurist that writes and speaks about the technology and humanity.

Nikolas Badminton is a world-respected futurist that researches, speaks, and writes about the future of work, how technology is affecting the workplace, how workers are adapting, the sharing economy, and how the world is evolving.
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Ushering In A New Age Of Mixed Reality

We had incredible technological and societal changes throughout 2015 and 2016. Circular and sharing economies, content and social media, new influencer networks, wearables, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and big data analytics all accelerated. And, up until this point, it's felt like a test run.
01/17/2017 04:39 EST
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Will Augmented Reality Change Life For The Better?

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are hot buzzwords these days. Execs can now add the Oculus to their treasure trove of executive toys, right next to their now discarded Google Glass headset. Really luck people can get ahold of the Hololens and Meta headsets to get into those early stages of AR. But, what gives? What's the future really going to hold? Why does any of it matter?
04/15/2016 02:53 EDT
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Should A Computer Program Replace Your Boss?

According to a recent study, Canadians believe an unbiased computer program would be more trustworthy and ethical than their workplace leaders and managers. Those polled would also prefer to be screened and hired, or have their job performance assessed, by an unbiased computer program. Is the age of Skynet upon us, or are there larger reasons for these answers?
03/29/2016 05:04 EDT
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I Found a Booming Tech Industry Hidden in Victoria

With an energetic and vibrant atmosphere it's no surprise that Victoria, B.C. is one of the world's favourite destinations. As I was soon to learn, that energy is here in the technology business, too. It has been hidden away a little, obscured by its modesty, and I do actually think that there is something really special worth shouting about over here.
10/04/2015 06:27 EDT
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F.L.O.W. Offers a Model for the Future of Work

Salaries are getting lower; people are malcontent with three weeks of vacation and mediocre benefits; and there is a rise in people earning, saving, jumping off, freelancing, downsizing and living the life they want. The #dreamjob doesn't exist. On the other hand, the happily balanced life can, but only if we give it a chance and start to operate differently.
09/23/2015 12:43 EDT

How Canadian Businesses Can Become the Powerhouses of Tomorrow

'Unicorn' is a term in the investment and venture capital industry use to define a start-up company whose valuation has exceeded USD$1 billion dollars. When you look for these (apparently not so) mythical creatures we find a plethora of U.S.-based companies: Uber, Airbnb, Palantir, Snapchat, Dropbox and others.
08/19/2015 06:56 EDT

Biohacking Is Here and Becoming Mainstream

Biohacking is the practice of changing our biology and physical situation by employing the hacker ethic -- sharing, openness, decentralization, free access, and world improvement. It's the idea that we can be so much more than we are born with if we just added to our bodies and chemistry.
06/25/2015 08:42 EDT

Saying Yes to the Future of Conferences

It's 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, and there are 200 people watching a "dive-in" movie on a big screen from the pool and the hot tub. Pockets of conversations continue -- including some deeply philosophical o...
06/22/2015 12:19 EDT

Crowdfunding and Online Resourcing Working Together

On Tuesday March 3rd, 2015, we saw a gathering of over 700 people from all sorts of organizations looking for insights and discussions at the first 2015 Canadian Crowdfunding Summit in Toronto, Ontari...
03/04/2015 05:06 EST
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Wearable Technology, Psychadelics and Other 2015 Predictions

The use of psychedelics such as LSD, mescaline, DMT, and psilocybin had a deep and profound effect on more liberal society and thinkers. Now, although most of these drugs are illegal, they have also become essential to many people conducting guided explorations in their respective fields, such as mathematicians, cartoonists, physicists, designers, software engineers, architects, and many other professions.
12/09/2014 12:49 EST
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Advice from Canada's Most Talented Entrepreneurs

When I started my new job with, I was researching where and who to reach out to in Canada and I quickly realized the force that is the Ottawa start up scene. Sure it's the capital and that should be an obvious choice however I found something truly unique. The startup community is very creative and keen plus they are very adept at getting the government to pay attention.
11/26/2014 05:44 EST
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Flexsourcing: The New Resourcing Model

'Flexsourcing' is the idea that there is a core team delivering business-critical work and there is a pool of external resources that can be plugged in as and when required. There are no retained external resources in this model (this is why it is different from an agency-of-record or outsourcing relationship).
11/17/2014 03:50 EST