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Nikolas Harris

Student, Dalhousie

At 18, Nova Scotia youth Nikolas Harris has never known a day without pain or obstacle. Diagnosed at 22 months old with juvenile arthritis, Nikolas has lived with constant aching and immobility in his left hand and wrist, both knees and ankles. Although busy with two part-time jobs and beginning first year at Dalhousie, Nikolas is greatly involved in his community, advocating for raising awareness of juvenile arthritis in Canada.
I'm Not Letting My Juvenile Arthritis Hold Me Alamy

I'm Not Letting My Juvenile Arthritis Hold Me Back

Picture a day in the life of a student: running to and from classes, walking up a few flights of stairs, carrying a backpack writing or typing notes. Now, imagine if you could no longer do any of these things effortlessly because your joints ache. Imagine if your joints were just constantly in pain and you are only 18 years old.
09/19/2012 05:21 EDT