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Niloufer Mavalvala

Author and Founder Niloufer's Kitchen. E-cookbooks and blog writer, Culinary teacher. Traveller at heart.

Welcome to Niloufer's Kitchen
Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Niloufer’s love for food combined with extensive world travel from a young age inspired her to experiment with world cuisines. Niloufer gave her first cooking class to a group of school girls at the age of 17; loving the opportunity to meet new people who share her passion for food, she has gone on to give many, many more cooking classes in Dubai, UK, and Canada - where she has lived for the past 16 years with her family. Most recently she was invited as a guest to the prestigious cookery school Le Cordon Bleu London to demonstrate and share her knowledge on Parsi Cooking.
In 2013, Niloufer decided to start a recipe blog Niloufer’s Kitchen where she loves to share old and new culinary creations to a following of 220,000 from around the world. Author of The Art of Parsi Cooking; reviving an ancient cuisine and 10 e-cookbooks, besides writing for the Huffington Post, she also publishes in assorted magazines and journals from around the world.
You can visit her blog at, and follow her on Twitter @NiloufersKtchn and on Facebook at
The Balearic Islands: Mediterranean's

The Balearic Islands: Mediterranean's Gemstones

Made up of Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera and numerous other islets, the Balearic archipelago lies southeast of Spain surrounded by the glistening waters of the Mediterranean. We recently visited Majorca (Mallorca) to enjoy the sun, sand and emerald waters that surround this gem of an island.
05/19/2016 01:56 EDT
The Genesis Of Curry In The

The Genesis Of Curry In The West

Curry has taken the world by storm, becoming the new buzz word. It is the current trend of hashtags in the twitter world (i.e.#curry), and there are even an overwhelming number of "curry clubs." It seems we cannot get enough of this dish, and this is reflected in magazines, restaurants, cooking shows, blogs, and anything and everything that is food related!
11/17/2015 05:06 EST
How Spain Stole My

How Spain Stole My Heart

I land in Madrid and take a train to Barcelona, Catalunya. The heat is sweltering, the city is bursting with people, food, drink, culture. A five-day street party has just kicked off and I'm living with a friend in an alley way called La Luna.
08/04/2015 12:33 EDT
A Parsi Celebration to

A Parsi Celebration to Remember

The Zarathustis, a small minority community who originate in ancient Persia and follow the Lord Zoroaster's teachings, gathered for an event of a lifetime set up within the 10 acres of beautiful lawns of their centre. It was to pay homage to the priests who serve with their hearts and help keep this 5000-year-old religion alive.
06/28/2015 10:54 EDT
How to Eat in

How to Eat in Florence

Dreamy stories and legendary history as old as mankind itself make up the city of Firenze. Warm and friendly, the suave Florentines are cultured and rather proud of the Italian haute couture. Florentine people like to eat well. Firenze is proud to have its own cuisine, a few regional specialties.
05/27/2015 12:33 EDT
The French In My

The French In My Food

The necessity to help muster up food at the last moment to offer and share with unexpected visitors gave me that unique opportunity to be different. We were fortunate enough to have a variety of dishes from global cuisines served because my parents were avid travellers who brought back recipes and food ideas like other tourists bring home curious and knick knacks.
03/29/2015 10:52 EDT