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Nina Raynars

Journalist, Feminist, Proud Mom ���� ������

l was born-n-raised in Zimbabwe, I live in Toronto, Canada with nothing more than passion, a laptop, camera and a dream, I feel like l am on my #Kanye. <br> <br> l am a Journalism graduate, a recipient of the Al Hamilton Award. A scholarship, that recognizes the accomplishment of journalism student of color who demonstrates a willingness and ability to affect social change. <br> <br> Currently, academically l am pursing Political Science at the University Of Toronto.
I Risked Death to Seek a Better Life for My Kids in

I Risked Death to Seek a Better Life for My Kids in Canada

My children and I immigrated to Canada in 2010 as refugees. When we arrived, I was so happy that my kids were in a safe country. In Zimbabwe I remember not being able to cry or find comfort in anyone, because everyone was experiencing their own share of pain and shock. So in April of 2010, after being released from the most recent lock-up, I took my kids at midnight and headed for the border knowing that if I was caught I would be burned alive and killed. Even though I was living with the uncertainty of how my immigration hearing would pan out, watching my kids embrace Canadian culture strengthened me when I was at my weakest point.
05/06/2015 11:46 EDT