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Niya Chari

International ACTION team

Niya Chari joined RESULTS Canada in September 2009, as part of the international ACTION team. She has a Master of International Public Health degree from the University of Queensland, where she focused her research primarily on maternal and newborn child health. Prior to joining RESULTS, Niya served as Director of Communications and Advocacy with the Toronto Youth Cabinet, a youth-led, social justice initiative advocating for youth issues within municipal politics. In her current role as the Campaigns Coordinator for RESULTS Canada, Niya coordinates and spearheads global advocacy and policy strategy to increase international tuberculosis funding from the Canadian government and increase awareness of TB amongst Canadian decision-makers.
Why We Need to Stop Tuberculosis to End Alamy

Why We Need to Stop Tuberculosis to End AIDS

HIV positive individuals have an estimated 20-30 times greater risk of developing active TB than people without HIV infection. But, without an infusion of renewed global support, global mechanisms cannot scale up their activities to ensure that all people living with HIV are screened for TB, and all TB patients are provided HIV counselling and testing.
11/30/2012 07:41 EST