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Noel Ocol

Communications manager, Our Kids Media Group

Noel Ocol is the Manager, Communications & Public Relations for Our Kids Media Group, the publisher of several authority websites on subjects including private schools and summer camps.
5 Things My Dad Taught Me About alamy

5 Things My Dad Taught Me About Fatherhood

"Son, no matter what you think you'll do for a living, you'll end up a professional waiter," my father told me. Funny as that may sound, somehow he was right. I wait for piano lessons to be done; I wait for soccer to be finished; I wait at the dentist; I wait at the mall; I wait in the car; I wait and I wait and I wait.
12/14/2011 06:50 EST
5 Ingredients in a Successful School

5 Ingredients in a Successful School Search

With fewer kids and a better understanding of the educational system, parents today know exactly the kind of education they want for their child, and private schools are becoming an accessible, afford...
09/20/2011 02:12 EDT