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Noemi LoPinto


Noemi LoPinto is an Edmonton-based freelance journalist. Originally from Montreal, she covered municipal politics and news extensively for the <em>Montreal Mirror</em> for over three years, during which time she also wrote and co-produced two radio documentaries for CBC Montreal and CBC Dispatches. She hosted her own news hour magazine for a local French language radio station before moving west to Saskatchewan to take the helm as managing editor of a weekly newspaper serving more than four separate communities. She moved to Edmonton in 2005 to work for the <em>Edmonton Journal</em> as a beat reporter and subsequently became a part of Venture Publishing's contract publishing division as an editor, before moving on to a position as a national news television reporter/correspondent for the Aboriginal People's Television Network, where she served for more than three years.
There's No Glossing Over The Loss Of

There's No Glossing Over The Loss Of Miscarriage

I think we do all women a disservice when we don't challenge the "Disneyfication" of our reproductive experience. Pregnancy is glorified as transcendent despite its many dark elements. Birth is similarly idealized. But miscarriages resist beatification; at best, they are an extremely efficient expulsion of expired reproductive material by one's own body.
02/15/2016 02:47 EST

"To Have and to Hold" -- That's What's Important

I was married two years ago. No one asked me to have or to hold my groom as per the traditional Anglican wedding vows at our wedding. I am half-Jewish and an atheist but growing up in Canada "to have and to hold" were the only marriage vows I heard. I think the author was talking about protecting a safe space no matter how heavy the abyss.
01/31/2014 12:17 EST
Rob Ford's the Best Thing to Happen to Canadian Politics in

Rob Ford's the Best Thing to Happen to Canadian Politics in Years

One of the corollaries of our governing WASP culture is a loathing of animal appetites, an emphasis on self-control at the expense of, well, everything. Which is why it's great to see Rob Ford pour beer, crack cocaine and oral sex all over this carefully built myth of false gentility that means "Canada" to the outside world.
01/02/2014 09:42 EST