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Noemi Weis

Film Director-Producer of MILK

Weis’s work as a Director, Writer and Producer is guided by a keen sense for compelling storytelling, integrity, and a fearless passion to tackle important human rights issues in an intimate, emotional and humane way. Her past films con tinue to gain recognition, awards and distinctions but more importantly they make a difference by promoting awareness and giving a voice to the voiceless. Noemi’s success in the entertainment industry is due to the experience, dedication and passion she brings to each one of her films after having spent over 20-years telling stories on the big and small screens, from her worldwide advertising projects, to her globally acclaimed documentaries accompanied by the most respected Canadian Directors including Oscar Nominee Director Deepa Mehta and Vic Sarin, to name a few. Her award winning documentaries have sold in more than 30 countries worldwide and traveled the iternational festival ciruit, receiving numerous awards in the process. Some of her films include: The Forgotten Woman, selected as part of the Elite Series at the Academy of Motion Pictures, and winner of Best Documentary at the Hollywood Film Festival; Desert Riders, winner of the Best Documentary award from One World, the Canadian Cinematography Association, and the Allan Kings Award of Excellence; Let’s Talk About It and Gloriously Free, both winners of Best Documentary of the year by the Canadian Broadcast Association; and Abuelas, Noemi’s directorial debut, and winner of the Jury Award at the International Festival of Cinema Politico in Buenos Aires, and nominated at the Yorkton Film Festival in the Arts and Politics Competition. Noemi is a proud member of the Unesco, part of Team Canada’s Trade Missions and a Business Ambassador of Ontario, promoting the merits of Canadian production abroad. In this capacity,  she has participated in numerous trade missions and has been honoured with the nomination of "Woman Entrepreneur of the Year" for three years in a row, the last one by Export Development Canada. In 2004, she was nominated as a finalist for “Woman Entrepreneur of the World,” as the sole Canadian nominee.
Why Is Bottle feeding vs. Breastfeeding Still So

Why Is Bottle feeding vs. Breastfeeding Still So Polarizing?

Women's bodies have not changed, why is it then that there is a whole industry that awaits this baby before he is even born? My objective in creating and producing a film of this nature has been to bring the voices of the women themselves, these are their stories and their struggles.
04/27/2015 05:54 EDT