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Norman Spector

Former Chief of Staff to PM Mulroney/Amb to Israel, Territories

Norman Spector, a former chief of staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, is also a former academic, federal and provincial deputy minister, ambassador and newspaper publisher.

He received his BA (Honours) in Political Science from McGill University; his M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Political Science from Columbia University, where he was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow; and an MS degree in Television, Film and Radio from Syracuse University, where he was a Newhouse Fellow.

Norman has been writing in English in The Globe and Mail since 1995, and in French in Le Devoir since 2003. On his website, Norman's Spectator he reviews the day’s offerings in about two dozen newspapers in Canada and internationally.

Norman resides in Victoria, B.C., where the snow-drops are seen in December and the cherry blossoms in February.
Even in Scary Economic Times, Canadians Demand Honest

Even in Scary Economic Times, Canadians Demand Honest Government

British Columbia presents another counter-example to the thesis of this being a good time for governments to go to the polls. To be sure, Canadians demand security in tough economic times. However, the lesson from British Columbia is that they also demand competent, honest government.
11/24/2011 01:15 EST
Quebec Needs a New

Quebec Needs a New Alliance

No one should have been completely surprised that the Conservatives were appealing to voters in the rest of Canada, given Québec's declining weight in the federation.
10/27/2011 09:19 EDT
For Stephen Harper, it's Not All Smooth

For Stephen Harper, it's Not All Smooth Sailing

Right now, the biggest threat on Mr. Harper's horizon is the state of the economy. The global economy could get a lot worse between now and the next election and there's no assurance that Canada will be spared, even relatively.
10/01/2011 11:30 EDT
Guarding Against Conflicts of Interest in

Guarding Against Conflicts of Interest in Ottawa

As we know, Mr. Duceppe pulled out of his radio gig before beginning, leading to allegations of a double standard regarding other ex-politicians. Still, the Duceppe kerfuffle did shine a spotlight on the increasing number of partisans who participate in the media as political commentators.
08/26/2011 12:48 EDT