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Nydia Dauphin

Self-Love Advocate

Amongst other things, Nydia is a self-love advocate. She's a sexual trauma survivor and over the years, dealing with this has sent her on a self-love journey that she hopes you will join her on. Learning to love ourselves post-sexual trauma is a lifelong commitment, difficult at times, but infinitely rewarding.

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The UN's Mission in Haiti Consists of Terrorism and Military Occupation

Haiti remains the dent in imperialism's white-supremacist shining armour. It remains the African nation which successfully expelled imperialist predatory forces to become the first African republic (post-colonization). It remains the African nation which took the empty rhetoric of equality-liberty-fraternity and gave it substance and meaning.
10/06/2014 12:52 EDT
THONY BELIZAIRE via Getty Images

Don't Mistake Montreal's Mayor For a Friend of Haiti

I dare to dream of a Diaspora that is able to actively, consistently and credibly hold individuals like Coderre accountable for their actions; a Diaspora that is in a position of preventing the many Coderre's of this world from adding insult to injury by portraying themselves as true friends of Haiti. Because with friends like these...
01/30/2014 12:18 EST
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You Can't Point Out Racism In Quebec

In an article reacting to my blackface blog post, I am accused of calling all Quebecers racist. Somehow, by sharing my thoughts and experiences as a Quebecer, I ceased to be one myself -- placed by this media outlet as a spiteful outsider to the only society, culture, and civic family I've ever intimately known.
05/25/2013 08:37 EDT
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Why The Hell Are Quebec Comedians Wearing Blackface?

Quebec comedians have a strange affliction. It sporadically resurfaces time and again and it's proven almost impossible to cure. The affliction in question is the Quebec comedy scene's' sick, inexplicable obsession with blackface. Last Sunday it exposed itself yet again.
05/16/2013 12:05 EDT
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Foreign Aid: It's All About Us

On March 21, the Conservative government announced an effective merger of the Canadian International Development Agency and Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade as part of the proposed 2013 Federal Budget. Finally Canadian "aid" will fully shed itself of its cumbersome rhetorical shell and reveal its naked core: the promotion of national interest.
03/22/2013 12:36 EDT

How Canadians Became Mice in a GMO Study

Last week, a ground-breaking study revealed that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) pose a serious threat to our health. Among the obvious stingers of these findings lies the fact that one of the GMO crops used during this study, the Monsanto NK603, has been allowed in the Canadian food system by Health Canada since 2001. How did our government allow us to become the mice of Monsanto's own experiments?
09/27/2012 08:44 EDT
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Coca-Cola Spins the Bottle (and the Story) in Ottawa

Coca-Cola Canada has come out this week accusing the City of Ottawa of unfairly targeting its products in the city's campaign to promote healthy living. By crafting this attack on the city's healthy lifestyle campaign, Coca-Cola, has shifted the heart of the discussion away from evaluating the nutritional content of fizzy sugary water to the city government's intrusion on the rights and liberties of its citizens. Somehow, amidst attempts to fight obesity, diabetes and heart disease, the City of Ottawa, and not Coca-Cola has become the bad guy!
08/22/2012 05:01 EDT