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Olivia Collette

Journalist and blogger

Olivia Collette is a bilingual journalist based in Montreal. She's written for the Montreal Gazette,, IndieWire, Sparksheet, Diary of a Social Gal, Urbania and Mondo*Arc. Her articles broach many topics, including architecture, urban planning, design, linguistics and cinema. Follow her on Twitter at @Olivia_Collette.
Why Hydro One Had to Fire Shawn

Why Hydro One Had to Fire Shawn Simoes

People are now asking whether Shawn Simoes deserved to lose his job for defending his friend shouting FHRITP on-camera. I'm firm on this: he did. Hydro One's decision sends the message that this behaviour is categorically not okay. By firing Simoes, Hydro One is at least admitting that an individual's private and professional lives are never truly separate because the same person occupies both spaces. We're living in a post-Jian Ghomeshi setting, and while Ghomeshi hasn't been convicted, what he's accused of happened both at work and at home. The idea that one affects the other isn't far-fetched.
05/13/2015 05:30 EDT
Disbelief Is Rape Culture's Strongest

Disbelief Is Rape Culture's Strongest Ally

It's normal that we don't want to believe the absolute worst about ourselves, but until we come to terms with how we create and participate in what we are, we can't possibly expect to correct any injustices.
11/11/2014 05:36 EST
Women Still Can't Walk Alone Without Being

Women Still Can't Walk Alone Without Being Harassed

The presence of other guys is the only thing preventing followers from intimidating me on the street; not some profound respect for my right to not be intimidated on the street. Otherwise, it doesn't bother followers at all that they make women so uncomfortable.
10/21/2014 12:37 EDT