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Olivia Lovenmark

Fintech Communications Strategist & Millennial Financial Literacy Advocate

Founder and editor of <a href="" rel="nofollow">The Paper & Coffee</a>, Olivia Lovenmark strives to not only create impact, she strives to create societal change where it's cool to understand personal finance, economics and politics. An avid newspaper reader and founder of a luxury stationery label, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Love & Mark Paper Co.</a>, she is a sure proponent of traditional communication. <br> <br> When not adventuring, Olivia can be found on a Vancouver sea wall with her cocker spaniel Duchess, listening to the Rat Pack and reading non-fiction. <br> <br> Email her <a href="" rel="nofollow">here</a>.
Millennials And Our Sad Relationship With

Millennials And Our Sad Relationship With News

Why is it that there is more interest generated by fandom than there is by our country's economy? Why, as millennials, are we generally more interested in Hollywood and pop culture than we are about curating our own personal finances? Is it because our attention spans are too short to focus on the complexities of the world around us? Are we too easily bored?
09/13/2016 10:47 EDT
Handwritten Notes Mean More Than 'Thank You' In The Digital

Handwritten Notes Mean More Than 'Thank You' In The Digital Age

Certainly receiving a handwritten note will brighten your recipient's day, but it also signals that you hold your relationship in high regard; that you have a great amount of respect for your friend, family member or colleague; and that you wish to continue to build upon the relationship, and that is quite something special.
08/23/2016 04:43 EDT
Living Your Best

Living Your Best Life

Offer advice that has someone else's best interests at heart, not yours. In my experience, many young women give their girlfriends advice, particularly that which relates to the love life, and it reflects on their current situation rather than on their girlfriend's situation.
03/02/2012 11:21 EST

Everyday Glamour

Care to add touches of glamour to your life? If these little practices aren't already in your repertoire, then January is a fabulous time to introduce them to your weekly routine.
01/03/2012 03:16 EST
Choosing to Be Your Own Best

Choosing to Be Your Own Best Friend

Lately I've been thinking about what it means to really love yourself. I've come to the conclusion that it ultimately means you are your very own best friend. You enjoy spending time with yourself, you appreciate the very characteristic attributes about yourself and you trust your own decisions.
11/17/2011 09:24 EST

Focusing Within

When was the last time you did a check-in with yourself? I think sometimes we are so busy thinking about the world around us that we forget to reflect on and nurture ourselves. Now, I don't mean go get yourself a <em>Cosmo</em> or a new pair of shoes kind of nurture; I'm talking about the moments when we really examine ourselves.
10/24/2011 09:14 EDT