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Olivia Robinson

Seinfeld connoisseuse. Part-time writer. Full-time Leafs fan.

Olivia Robinson holds a B.A.(Honours) in English Language and Literature from Queen’s University and an M.A. in Writing for Children from the University of Winchester in England. Olivia has worked in the book publishing industry for nearly five years. Her work has been published in The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Hill Times, and others. She lives in Ottawa.
Olivia Robinson

I'm Ready To Confront My Blinding Partisanship To Leafs Nation

Arenas (ice-hockey or political) are the epicentres for unapologetic tributes. Accolades from the glory days are are embellished and exalted in a pursuit to replicate that power. As supporters, we are blind to the controversial changes implemented by the organization at hand, and refuse to acknowledge criticism from outside the bubble (myself included).
05/03/2017 01:34 EDT