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Optimum Care

Personalized, professional homecare provider for your loved ones.

Optimum Care is a network of industry-leading professionals who provide highly personalized care to seniors. Optimum Care believes effective long-term care is as much about comfort, mobility and nutrition as it is about safety and happiness. The team is made up of registered nurses, homemakers, personal support workers and healthcare aides. Please visit to learn more.
Caretaking Tips For Seniors With Chris Ryan via Getty Images

Caretaking Tips For Seniors With Diabetes

Caring for seniors with diabetes comes with unique challenges. While many seniors may have been managing their diabetes on their own for quite some time, they often require more help as they age. And while managing diabetes can be tough, it's definitely not impossible. If you do your homework, take the time to understand the disease, and remain diligent, you can help your loved ones stay happy and healthy with or without diabetes. Here are some tips to get you started.
04/05/2016 12:12 EDT
Spring Break Planning Tips For Senior AleksandarNakic via Getty Images

Spring Break Planning Tips For Senior Travellers

The benefits of travel on the soul do not disappear as we grow older. In fact, there are many instances where travel has proven to be extremely beneficial for seniors, adding excitement, something to look forward to and an overall new perspective on living. In addition, helping your senior loved one recognize the dream of travel into a reality is a priceless gift.
03/14/2016 03:55 EDT