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Osman Shah

Pakistani-Canadian. IR Enthusiast. Cultural Critic. Muslim Feminist. Origami Artist. PhD Escapee.

Osman Shah holds a Master of Arts in Political Science with a focus on International Relations. After escaping from a PhD in the same topics, he decided to create his own path and write about his experiences. As a Pakistani-Canadian, he is interested in human rights and minority issues, the construct of identity and the role of religion and the media in politics and society.
Is Canada's Multicultural Identity Only

Is Canada's Multicultural Identity Only Skin-Deep?

Can we say we are a multicultural society if we're unable to fundamentally accept its most basic concept: tolerance of other cultures and religions? Why is there a discrepancy between the support many Canadians show to multiculturalism -- and who often feverishly argue is the basis of Canadian identity -- and combating Islamophobia? If we're (arguably) a multicultural society then why are we also not an anti-Islamophobia society?
03/23/2017 03:44 EDT
A Month After The Shooting, We Canadian Muslims Are Still Not

A Month After The Shooting, We Canadian Muslims Are Still Not OK

Unless you're Facebook friends with all the Muslims in this country: we don't know that you're thinking about us - we don't know that you care. However uncomfortable you think you are feeling, it's not as bad as the sadness we feel from your real-life silence.
02/27/2017 08:10 EST