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Pablo Fernandez

News Editor, The Huffington Post Alberta

Pablo Fernandez is The Huffington Post Alberta's News Editor. A father, adventure seeker, husband and long time newspaperman.

It Sucks: Father Of Cheerios Poster Child

When his baby infant son came in second in a Cheerios photo contest, a Calgary dad took his year's supply of cereal, bragged about the ad campaign that followed and thought that was the end of it. But...
09/18/2013 02:21 EDT

From Humble Beginnings To Shaping A Province

Ralph Klein's humble beginnings could not possibly have foreshadowed the impact he would have on Alberta and the imprint he would leave on Alberta politics. Klein, Officer of the Order of Canada, Memb...
03/29/2013 04:11 EDT

HuffPost Blogger Calgary Liberal Wins Best Political Blog Award

He is the lamb in the lion's den. Vincent St. Pierre is an opinionated, straight-talking blogger, who never shies away from stirring the pot and he's ahem, a Liberal.. in Calgary.. But he doesn't just thrive in what would typically be a hostile environment, he blogs about it to the world and his blog,, was just named Best Political Blog at the Canadian Blog Awards.
12/06/2012 06:56 EST

Who's Better For Alberta?

The outcome of today's elections in the U.S. will have an impact on the province's economy, which is why many Albertans are watching the political contest closely. Although polls suggest most Canadian...
11/06/2012 04:36 EST
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Let Daryl Katz Build It

As Edmonton city hall ponders building a new downtown arena on their own -- after Oilers owner Daryl Katz ceased negotiations -- the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling a time out. The CTF’s Scot...
10/19/2012 02:04 EDT

Alberta Girl Next Door Joins The Bachelor

Bachelorette Sandy from Wetaskiwin is the latest Albertan to join the cast of The Bachelor Canada. Compared to some of the other ladies from across Canada revealed this week – there’s a strip club ser...
09/19/2012 01:25 EDT

These Three Were Just Watching, After All

UPDATE: A press release issued by Calgary police at 7:32 p.m. on Sept. 17, says all three teens pictured have come forward to police and given statements. None are considered suspects A three-alarm Mc...
09/17/2012 04:11 EDT

Peter Lougheed Dead At 84: Former Alberta Premier Was A Titan

The former Alberta premier and Tory leader was, unequivocally, a titan. He was an Edmonton Eskimos alumni, with a masters degree from Harvard, and with the kind of family and political pedigree the likes of which you don't see in the public arena any more. But never mind that. Lougheed was a politician who redefined a province, who empowered Western Canada, who laid the foundation and turned Alberta from a rural bread basket into the engine that today fuels one of the world's most stable economies.
09/13/2012 11:15 EDT

Let's Start Something

We believe Albertans are ready to embrace the exchange of ideas. This is a province that's being shaped by a young, connected, diverse and intelligent citizenry, a citizenry that needs a punchy, politically savvy, smart online publication that sparks ideas and stirs the imagination but that doesn't always take itself seriously.
08/16/2012 08:30 EDT

Unhealthy Spending Costs Health Official Job

Alberta Health Services board member Sheila Weatherill has become the latest casualty in a provincial spending scandal that has already claimed Chief Financial Officer Allaudin Merali. Weatherill was...
08/03/2012 12:54 EDT