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Pam Stillman

Principal, Gemini Public Relations

As principal of Gemini Public Relations, a boutique agency based out of Toronto, Pam imparts her expertise in entertainment, lifestyle, consumer goods and technology into her posts, sharing her perspective on the latest trends. Growing up in Edmonton and admittedly reading nothing but gossip magazines throughout her schooling, Pam knew she needed to find a place for herself in the Canadian entertainment landscape.

Following her twin sister to Ontario, she found her first job working at a small agency with clients like Paramount Home Entertainment and the Olsen Twins. From there she went on to work for a highly reputable agency with clients such as Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Xbox and L’Oreal before leaving to form her own company. Pam admits that she still reads every gossip magazine, but has recently added wedding and home renovation publications to her repertoire as she plans her wedding in Banff, Alberta and begins to build a new house.

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