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Pamela Snively

Chief Data and Trust Officer at TELUS

Pamela Snively joined TELUS as Chief Data and Trust Officer in October, 2015. She leads the team responsible for data and privacy governance at TELUS. Pamela also serves TELUS’ commitment to integrity through her leadership of a variety of initiatives, including the Anti-bribery & Corruption and Competition Law programs. Prior to joining TELUS, Pamela managed the consulting arm of Osler’s privacy and data management practices, AccessPrivacy by Osler. As a lawyer and consultant, she provided a broad range of privacy, risk-management and compliance advice in the private, public and health sectors. She assisted organizations in implementing enterprise risk-management programs; advising on privacy and outsourcing governance and accountability programs; designing and implementing records-management programs; drafting policies, procedures and training materials; managing data breaches and other regulatory investigations; and conducting privacy impact or risk assessments. Pamela formerly held Chief Privacy and Risk Officer roles in large business process outsourcing companies in Canada.
How Organizations Can Earn Trust In A Data-Driven

How Organizations Can Earn Trust In A Data-Driven World

The full value of big data will only be realized when organizations approach it in a manner that places personal privacy at the forefront. So, if we want to unlock the positive potential of big data, we need to approach it in a way that simultaneously fosters innovations that will help our society and mitigates risks associated with using data in new and different ways.
11/23/2016 07:17 EST