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Pamela Tourigny

Community builder, writer, consultant, vegan advocate, mindful consumer, wannabe athlete, feminist, seeker of truth and promoter of kindness.

Pamela blogs about trying to live ethically and sustainably, and animal concerns on She is a decade-long vegan, founder of Vegan Eats Ottawa, co-founder of Ottawa Veg Fest, and recent founder of Pamela is passionate about healthy living, so her activities include running, hiking, and playing ultimate frisbee. More info at:
Vegans Must Stop Settling For Sad Getty

Vegans Must Stop Settling For Sad Salads

I know, nobody wants to feel like a pain or an inconvenience to a restaurant or our dining partner. But the reality is that every time we cede to the salad, we are allowing people continue to believe that vegan food is dull, boring, tasteless and unfulfilling.
02/29/2016 11:45 EST
Don't Blame Veganism For Your Eating Getty Images

Don't Blame Veganism For Your Eating Disorder

Veganism isn't about deprivation or being extreme. It's about leaving animals off our plates. I see too many people -- vegans and not -- who have become obsessed with eating their version of a perfectly clean diet. They eliminate soy, gluten, corn, carbs and so on for no clear reason -- often needlessly.
11/17/2015 03:20 EST
5 Tips for Eating Out as a Shutterstock / Sergey Yechikov

5 Tips for Eating Out as a Vegan

I've been vegan for more than a decade and have picked up some tips and tricks over the years, such as that you can save all kinds of grief by looking at the menu in advance, calling ahead, or offering to bring something shareable to a dinner party.
06/11/2015 12:30 EDT
A Guide to Effective Animal Getty

A Guide to Effective Animal Advocacy

A number of people have commented to me over my years of involvement within the vegan community that they are often overwhelmed by all of the suffering that animals endure, leaving them unsure how to advocate for them effectively. It's a feeling of helplessness to which many can surely relate.
05/27/2015 06:37 EDT
There's Nothing Radical About Recognizing Animal Getty Images

There's Nothing Radical About Recognizing Animal Suffering

We live in a world that's built on using animals for every purpose imaginable, and even armed with information and conviction, people can find it challenging to live in alignment with their beliefs. Even though sometimes I am frustrated beyond belief by the actions of humans, I dig deep to find my compassion, to help them find theirs.
05/22/2015 12:44 EDT