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Parmjit Parmar

Travel & Lifestyle Writer, Social Media Expert, Photographer

Parmjit Parmar is a freelance travel and food writer, avid photographer and social media expert. Visit her blog at Planet Blue Adventure. She travels every opportunity she gets.
Travel Gear That Fits The Oleh Slobodeniuk via Getty Images

Travel Gear That Fits The Bill

A major contributor to the stress of frequent travelers is knowing what to pack. Which bags should you use? How will you keep your camera gear safe while lugging it around? One of the secrets to smart packing is choosing the right gear and also packing multi-purpose items.
09/06/2016 06:08 EDT
My Guide to a Great San Francisco Dmitry Rostovtsev via Getty Images

My Guide to a Great San Francisco Experience

San Francisco, rich in history, culture and culinary delights. It can be an expensive city full of contrasts, having both techies and hipsters, the uber-wealthy and sizeable homeless population. It's a city with an eclectic mix of architecture and 19 distinct neighbourhoods just begging to be discovered. t.
10/09/2015 08:08 EDT
Travel and Vacation Tips for Seniors on a cruise

Travel and Vacation Tips for Seniors on a Budget

As our boomers are reaching the age of retirement, their thoughts become centered around the amount of time they'll have on their hands, and how to fill it. As most are now empty nesters and not doing the nine-to-five, they have the flexibility to travel where and when they want.
06/08/2015 12:57 EDT
How to Maintain Back Health While shutterstock

How to Maintain Back Health While Travelling

If you suffer from back issues like I do then your even more conscious on how to stay back healthy while travelling. On the road, uncomfortable car seats to small, cramped spaces on airplanes, buses, or trains, travel puts a serious strain on backs and necks. Here are a few travel tips that can work to reduce or avoid back pain and discomfort while travelling.
05/27/2015 12:29 EDT
Travel Fashion Trends: Channeling Your Inner David Ramos via Getty Images

Travel Fashion Trends: Channeling Your Inner Stylista

With new resorts opening at record pace, finding the perfect warm weather getaway is easier than ever before. If you're hitting the beach this spring, don't leave home without these must-have travel essentials. Comfortable, breathable clothing is no longer limited to the yoga studio. Brands like PrAna combine form and function, resulting in perfect travel gear.
04/22/2015 06:28 EDT
How to Make Better Travel travel

How to Make Better Travel Videos

Making a travel video is an effective way to share your travel experiences with your readers and viewers. Today it's so easy to shoot a video with your camera, your smart phone or a videocam. Are you telling a unique story? Are you capturing the mood, people and the destination in the best possible way?
04/20/2015 12:01 EDT
5 Affordable Things to Do in JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT via Getty Images

5 Affordable Things to Do in Calgary

Travellers looking to stretch their dollar should consider visiting Calgary this year, where cost of living, home prices and travel is slightly more affordable than Toronto. Home to numerous things to do, a thriving culinary scene and ideal location near the mountains, Calgary is a perfect destination for a summer vacation this year.
04/07/2015 05:41 EDT
Why Russia Should Be on Your Bucket Parmjit Parmar

Why Russia Should Be on Your Bucket List

Most people can be found walking around this beautiful city, touring the historic city center, the river Neva, and the numerous small canals on foot even after midnight. This is the perfect time to travel to Russia, as you literally have more hours in the day to fit in sightseeing, tours and enjoy the many restaurants late into the night.
03/20/2015 06:04 EDT
3 Ways to Fly for (Almost) Studio 504 via Getty Images

3 Ways to Fly for (Almost) Free

Travelers looking to save money on accommodations can consider staying in a hostel, pitching a tent and camping or even give housesitting or couch surfing a try. While the sky is the limit when it comes to fine dining around the world, travelers can save money on food by cooking meals or eating local, street food.
02/04/2015 12:54 EST