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Pascal Zamprelli

Director, Canada

Pascal Zamprelli has worked in online organising, law, public relations, VHS cassette rental, human rights and democratic development, and writes a bit too. He is the director of Canadian operations for, the world's largest petition platform, where new technologies empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see.
Canadians Are Crowdsourcing Justin Trudeau's

Canadians Are Crowdsourcing Justin Trudeau's Government

Life in the public square is playing itself out online, only the Internet has made the square bigger, more diverse, and capable of operating in real time. With every decision our government makes (or must make), social media in particular allow us to quickly gather, share, discuss, debate, suggest and demand, effectively crowdsourcing solutions to the questions facing the nation. And by the looks of things, Canadians will have suggestions for Justin Trudeau every step of the way.
10/28/2015 12:39 EDT
What Canadian Voters Actually Care

What Canadian Voters Actually Care About

Our election hub, Change #Elxn42, shows that some of the biggest trending petitions speak to the top issues the party leaders are taking on: clean energy, pharmacare, Syrian refugees, missing and murdered indigenous women, and Canada Post, to name just a few.
10/18/2015 10:18 EDT
How the Internet Can Help Young Women Empower

How the Internet Can Help Young Women Empower Themselves

This much we know: not long ago Dalton McGuinty backed away from proposed changes to Ontario's sexual education curriculum; today, Kathleen Wynne is intent on going ahead with them. What's changed? Both the data and the success stories we see at suggest women -- in particular young women -- are most adept at tapping into the digital age's potential and <em>that</em> changes everything.
03/20/2015 01:27 EDT