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Pasha Malla


Pasha Malla is the author of four books, which have been listed for or won the Commonwealth Prize, the Dublin-IMPAC Literary Award, the Giller Prize, and the Trillium Book Award. He's the winner of two National Magazine Awards for humor writing and an Arthur Ellis Award for crime fiction. He lives in Toronto.
Reviewed: What To Do About

Reviewed: What To Do About Them

Where to start with this... "book." One uses the term hesitantly, if not reluctantly, since books are made out of paper and exist as something concrete one can hold in one's hands and smack stupid people with across the face. Yet since What To Do About Them (more on this misleading, histrionic title later) is essentially a computer file, available for free download from its eponymous website, one wonders how these 40,000-odd words qualify as more than a PDF'd blog-post.
10/12/2012 03:42 EDT