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Patricia O’Campo

Director, Centre for Research on Inner City Health at St. Michael's Hospital

Dr. Patricia O’Campo is an expert advisor with and a social epidemiologist and the Director of the Centre for Research on Inner City Health at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. She is also a professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto and holds the Alma and Baxter Ricard Chair of Inner City Health Research.

Why Women Need This Minimum Household Income Before Giving Birth

Low income doesn't just lead to one disease or another. Instead, it has wide-ranging impacts on the health of individuals and communities. Our findings tell us that we've been using the wrong tools, and typically underestimating the full impact of income on health. The evidence shows that the health of mothers, babies and families are at stake, and there's no more time to lose.
09/12/2013 05:11 EDT