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Patricia Tomasi

Mental Health Writer

Patricia Tomasi is a former broadcast journalist with <em> CFRB, CBC, CTV</em>, and <em>Global TV</em> in Toronto, Vancouver, Timmins, and Thunder Bay. She also spent a decade as a communications and media relations officer for the <em>Ontario Ministry of Transportation</em> and the <em>Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario</em>. <br> <br> Patricia turned to mental health writing after suffering from anxiety and depression, postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression. She's also raising a daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Tourette's Syndrome. As a writer, Patricia is joining the effort of so many to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma of mental illness. <br> <br> Join Patricia's Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Facebook Support Group at: <br> <br> How to contact Patricia: <br> <br> Blog: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br> Email: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br> Twitter: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br> Facebook: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br> Instagram: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Online Therapy For Postpartum Depression Makes The Most

Online Therapy For Postpartum Depression Makes The Most Sense

It's crazy to expect a new mother with postpartum depression (PPD) to attend regular therapy sessions. That's if she can get access to therapy at all what with the ongoing shortage of psychiatrists and psychotherapists across Canada and the U.S.
05/17/2017 11:45 EDT