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Patricia Tomasi

Mental Health Writer

Patricia Tomasi is a former broadcast journalist with CFRB, CBC, CTV, and Global TV in Toronto, Vancouver, Timmins, and Thunder Bay. She also spent a decade as a communications and media relations officer for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario.

Patricia turned to mental health writing after suffering from anxiety and depression, postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression. She's also raising a daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Tourette's Syndrome. As a writer, Patricia is joining the effort of so many to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma of mental illness.

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Stepan Popov via Getty Images

Ontario Is Failing To Quickly Treat Children With ADHD

Science has shown therapy to be crucial in the treatment of ADHD. In some cases, therapy has been shown to reduce medication and get rid of it altogether. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends preschool aged children (4-5 years) try therapy first before medication. But due to long wait lists, children with ADHD aren't able to access therapy quick enough in Ontario.
10/21/2016 01:33 EDT
Stepan Popov via Getty Images

ADHD Is Real (And Not A Result Of Bad Parenting)

To come across a neighbour or a friend questioning the validity of ADHD today is one thing. Coming across a teacher or a principal lacking knowledge about ADHD today is concerning. But to encounter an article in a prominent publication written by a therapist treating children with ADHD being shared on social media in today's day and age from a so-called expert that dumbs down the etiology of ADHD to a child's own "internal belief system" and the "pampering and coddling" of parents is more than insulting. It's dangerous.
09/13/2016 11:13 EDT
Lisa5201 via Getty Images

Did I Actually Have Bipolar Postpartum Depression?

I've never been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but I did have anxiety and depression growing up. And who knows? Maybe I am bipolar too and should have been flagged. Maybe if there were more psychiatrists around to help us make a diagnosis, I would have known sooner and taken preventative steps and not have my postpartum episodes be such a surprise to me and my doctor.
06/21/2016 04:55 EDT
Danny Moloshok / Reuters

I Dream Of A Day All Mothers Are Entitled To PPD Rehab

Wouldn't that be nice? I don't remember being given the option. I do remember getting a weird look, being brushed off, handed a script and sent home. I can only imagine (fantasize) what rehab for postpartum depression looks like. A limo arrives at my doorstep and out steps Ryan Gosling. "Hey girl," he says. "We're going to PPD rehab."
05/13/2016 02:43 EDT
Deborah Jaffe via Getty Images

#MeditateOnThis: Twitter Campaign Shares Postpartum Depression Facts

Postpartum depression and anxiety are very real and without medication, I wouldn't be here today. Instead of getting properly treated with medication, I chose meditation and became manic. I thought angels were communicating with me, that there were messages and signs in numbers and nature just for me, and that God had blessed with me postpartum depression for a grander mission. I still meditate and practice yoga and love spirituality, but rest assured, I never miss a dose of my postpartum depression medication.
01/28/2016 11:24 EST