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Patrick Bizindavyi

President of Unleashed Possibilities Inc., speaker, coach, Passages Canada volunteer

Patrick Bizindavyi is the President and Co-Founder of Unleashed Possibilities Inc., a company that helps individuals reach their peak potential by pursuing and achieving their dreams and goals. Patrick's mission is to influence tens of millions worldwide with his powerful messages as a speaker, author, trainer and coach. He also shares his message as a volunteer speaker with the Passages Canada program
My Refugee Journey Involves Gunshots, Homelessness and

My Refugee Journey Involves Gunshots, Homelessness and Hope

Over the following months in 2001, the violence continued in Burundi between the rebels and the government. My passion for my work diminished. I no longer felt like doing anything. I even stopped watching the news on TV, or even listening to it on my own radio station. Everything looked hopeless. In 2002, some Canadian journalists visited Burundi. If I were going to ask for help, it was now or never. Six months later, they invited me to visit Canada, and I jumped on the opportunity. I arrived in Canada with $60 in my pocket -- my mother's life savings.
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