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Patrick Fafard

Member, Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics; and Associate Professor, Public & International Affairs, University of Ottawa

Patrick Fafard is a member of University of Ottawa’s Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics and an Associate Professor of Public & International Affairs at the University of Ottawa.
5 Quick-Wins For Trudeau's First Day In NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

5 Quick-Wins For Trudeau's First Day In Office

While it takes time for a new prime minister to translate campaign rhetoric into effective policies, there are at least five quick-wins that Justin Trudeau can achieve on his very first day in office. All five can be implemented in a few minutes through simple orders-in-council at the cabinet table or by instructing new ministers in their mandate letters. Implementing the full range of changes promised in this last election campaign will take a long time, probably many years. Quick-wins will be important for Trudeau to show Canadians that his Liberal government can bring about the breadth and depth of change for which he was given a majority.
11/03/2015 04:47 EST