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Why Justin Trudeau Is a More Natural Politician Than His Father Lucas Oleniuk via Getty Images

Why Justin Trudeau Is a More Natural Politician Than His Father Was

Justin is a natural as a grassroots politician. His father was not. He tired quickly of grin and grips, so we spent public events moving him quickly from one admirer to another. Justin revels in the book describing the thousands he met in Papineau. He credits this skill from observing the friendly political skills of his grandfather, James Sinclair. I gave a fundraiser for Justin for the Papineau campaign. He approached my daughter and immediately remembered they took a film class together at McGill. His father had trouble remembering first names! Justin has deliberately been his own man in some policies.
11/17/2014 12:28 EST
Cops Should Stop Trashing Political THE CANADIAN PRESS

Cops Should Stop Trashing Political Reputations

ayor Ford and the Prime Minister's office must be wondering why their reputations are being so thoroughly and systematically trashed, not just by the opposition or the media but by the material provided to them by the Toronto Police and RCMP respectively. What is going on here? Have Toronto's boys in blue and the country's boys in serge gone from chasing real criminals to exposing the undersides of politics with nary a charge yet laid? I am hardly a Ford of Harper apologist. But I am concerned about a future where the police can put out a dragnet and expose "suspected wrongdoing" by any politician.
12/16/2013 12:41 EST
It's Time for a Closer Look at Trudeau's Getty

It's Time for a Closer Look at Trudeau's Strategy

Anyone who actually analyzes the dramatic uptick in Liberal fortunes, both in the polls and in voters in the recent byelections might conclude that there is in fact an ongoing, well thought out incremental strategy which may well position Justin Trudeau as a real threat to Harper in the next federal election.
12/04/2013 05:25 EST