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Patrick Harrison

Kinesiologist, Seating Designer, Entrepreneur

Patrick Harrison is a Kinesiologist, Active Sitting Proponent and Business Man. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo and in 2013 received the prestigious Alumni Achievement Award from the University.
Patrick’s education in Kinesiology and entrepreneurial disposition was fine-tuned early in his career when he founded Special Health Systems Ltd., a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of specialized seating for people dependent on wheelchairs for mobility. The company flourished and grew to distribute internationally. It was eventually sold to Invacare Corporation in 1995.
This successful experience marked the beginning of a series of subsequent entrepreneurial undertakings in land development, a successful agricultural venture in the Alpaca industry, consultation and participation in other start up enterprises, and community participation in various philanthropic organizations.
Patrick’s passion and strong vision for healthy seating solutions recently led him to establish Canadian based CoreChair. The concept for the CoreChair, an active sitting solution, was inspired by the number of individuals who have intuitively exchanged their office chair for an exercise ball as well as the alarming evidenced based research on the health impacts of sedentary sitting. The media has tuned into this scientific evidence and has attracted the public’s attention with articles titled the “Sitting Disease”, “The Perils of Sitting” and “Sitting is the new smoking”. After 8 years in research and design, CoreChair is now selling across North America. The company will be featured on Dragon’s Den in the Fall of 2015 and product placement has been secured in several prime time television series and feature films.
Patrick’s commitment to improving the lives of those around him and his entrepreneurial spirit have driven him to thrive as an innovator and industry leader.
Committed to contributing to the community, Patrick has served on the Board of Directors for Magic Wheels, an organization focused on innovation in wheelchair mobility, CHATS (Community Home Assistance to Seniors), as well as other similar community based causes. In 2007 Patrick travelled with a team of Canadians on a mission to build an orphanage and farm for children with AIDS afflicted parents in Swaziland, Africa.
In addition to his admirable professional accomplishments, Patrick is happily married and living in Aurora, Ontario along with family and assorted canine friends. Committed to a healthy lifestyle, Patrick is very active in a variety of sports and recently completed the grueling Lake Placid IronMan event.
Patrick has been featured on Forbes Living, TrendHunters, CTV News, The Financial Post, Dragon's Den, CHCH and Sirius XM.
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