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Patrick J. Smith

Director of the Institute of Governance Studies, Simon Fraser University

Yes Mayor Ford, You Are Doing an AMAZING CP

Yes Mayor Ford, You Are Doing an AMAZING Job

Opponents become "radicals," or "extremists," or "enemies of the national interest," unless they are friends of Joe Oliver or Stephen Harper. In the process of truncating evidence-based advice, our democratic discourse, as well as our professional advisory capacity, is woefully diminished. A healthy democracy needs each.
02/25/2012 11:27 EST
Toronto: The Two-Four'd

Toronto: The Two-Four'd City

Toronto's Fords, mayor and councillor, may not think much of libraries, or culture or what pride means in the 21st century, but they are theatrical in a two-four box of beer kind of way. As I recall from my youth, getting "two-four'd" often left a large hangover to cope with. Can T.O. avoid this fate?
08/03/2011 10:43 EDT