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Patti Hack

Member, Breast Friends

Patti Hack is a member of the Breast Friends – a group of cancer-crusading
grandmothers from rural Saskatchewan and author of six national bestselling cookbooks. Since 2005, the group has donated its profits – nearly $1.4 million – to cancer causes. The group donates to cancer agencies, equipment, research, and patient needs, and helps raise awareness about prevention and treatment. Before allocating funds, Breast Friends interview patients and front line workers about greatest needs and funding gaps. The first cookbook honouring victims and survivors of cancer sold out in three days.

Recently named a Dragons’ Den Game Changer, the group has received international attention for its fifth cookbook, Breast Wishes, For the Men in Our Lives, which supports prostate cancer. The book has been named Best Charity Cookbook in Canada by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, and has been short-listed to “Best in World” category – winner to be announced in Paris on February 23.

Enough Tchotchke: Why I Don't Need Any More Stuff

I went through periods where matching dishes and wonderful wine glasses were very important. But now instead of crystal trinkets and china, there are Eiffel Towers to see, monkeys to feed, children to visit, grandchildren to laugh with, and friends to drink wine with.
03/23/2013 11:53 EDT

20 Lessons From Old Broads Abroad: The Breast Friends in Paris

In six wonderful days in Paris the Breast Friends learned: That Paris is a beautiful city and that in six days you can get a wonderful taste but would need weeks to really know the city. That you shouldn't get too excited about wonderful French chocolates, or you may leave your face print on the glass. And more...
03/04/2013 12:17 EST

Breast Friends: Friendship, Food, and the Fight Against Cancer

Eight years ago, a group of 10 friends held a charity banquet to celebrate the lives of some special people in our community who had died of cancer. We call ourselves The Breast Friends, and we come from the small Saskatchewan town of Foam Lake. We've written six cookbooks - all national best sellers - and donated the profits - nearly $1.4 million - toward cancer causes.
02/19/2013 06:02 EST